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Personal stories and comments

Client's Stories

Every client's story is individual and unique from the cause and complexity of their brain injury to their personal circumstances. These stories illustrate the challenges that our clients face and how Headway Black Country is supporting them in meeting those challenges. We would like to do more, both in terms of the numbers of clients and carers we work with and in the range of activities and services we can offer - the need is undeniably there in our communities.

Kanata's Story

Kanta joined Headway Black Country in early 2014. She has been attending our rehabilitation sessions at our Willenhall site.

As part of her work with us Kanta has produced a presentation which in her own words and style tells the story of her journey of recovery. She has presented her powerpoint to audiences includng other clients, staff and carers. Creation and delivery of the presentation are real achievements for Kanta and illustrate the progress she has been making.

In telling her story Kanta wanted to acknowledge that both Reach and Headway Black Country "have played an important role in my recovery" and "continue to be part of my ongoing recovery".

We are grateful to Kanta for allowing us to link to the material she has published on the Reach website.

N's Story

I suffered a major stroke 10 years ago. I live with my wife and son. Before the stroke I was a self-employed boat builder. Since the stroke I've had difficulty communicating, paralysis on my left side has affected my mobility.

I have attended Headway Black Country for over four years in which I have discovered a talent for art. Headway is most beneficial to me; attending the day opportunities services has enabled me to develop new skills, grow in confidence and understanding of brain injury. The art group is very therapeutic, it has helped my self-esteem.

Time Slipping Away (2007 - 2010) continues a theme of "Distorted Time". The waterfall symbolises time rushing by, the jumbled numbers on the clock face represent my confusion with numeracy. The cogs out of synchronisation symbolise my mind, how thinking, finding words can be distorted and confused. They also represent my body, broken on my left side. Despite this I am positive, determined and able to seize the moment. The hands coming up out of the dark depths of the waterfall express my positive attitude to life - there is hope after a brain injury.

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D's Story

D has been attending Headway since May 2009. He had a cardiac arrest whilst on holiday resulting in brain damage. He has understanding but has severe speech impairment. He utters the occasional word to family and communicates primarily through minor facial expressions, nods and blinks. D also has short term memory difficulties. Executive function is severely impaired, so daily activities have to be planned by family and carer. D gets very fatigued.

D attends our Creative Expressions group on Tuesday to aid stimulation, build confidence, socialise and improve dexterity and co-ordination. He enjoys coming to Headway and takes an avid interest in the work of others. He did not do any art before coming to the group.

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M's Story

I acquired my brain injury through a motorbike accident twenty years ago. The accident resulted in speech loss, paralysis on right side, fatigue and memory difficulties. I had to learn to use my left hand and walk aided by a stick. Communication is limited but I have learnt to be self-sufficient.

Because of the nature of my brain injury I have felt isolated, friends have moved on but being at Headway has enabled me to meet people, socialise and grow in confidence. I joined the Creative Expressions group in May 2009 and have enjoyed it from the start. The last time I did any art work was at school, so I wasn't sure how I would do. Before I joined the group I was very impatient and intolerant but making art has helped me be patient.

World Cup (2009- 2010) I continued to work using the shapes from 'Composition'. I didn't have any idea of what this piece would be but I wanted to try something in three dimensions. As the sculpture took shape I began to see what looked like the World Cup. I am really pleased with the way this has developed. I could never have thought I could have done something like this with my left hand and limited mobility. It is a great achievement for me. I am going to give it to my son as a present.

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